SCANAUA Immobilien AG
Landstrasse 30
LI-9494 Schaan
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Name Origin

Name origin

In 842, Schaan is first men­tioned as Scana and Scanaua. From the 13th cen­tury, some of the spel­lings included Schan, Shan, Schann and finally Schaan arose.

There are two approa­ches when trying to explain the origin of Schaan: For one thing, it can be assumed that the place name is derived from Celtic esca (by the stream, by the water) just like Eschen, and refers to the Rhein which is close by or a nearby stream which flows through the muni­cipal area. This expla­na­tion att­empt is con­si­dered uncer­tain today.

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Immo­bi­lien AG

Scanaua Immo­bi­lien AG is a com­pany clo­sely related to the IFM Inde­pen­dent Fund Mana­ge­ment AG and the Prin­cipal Group, and is esta­blis­hing an office and com­mer­cial buil­ding long the country road in Schaan and ini­ti­ally will pro­vide about 50 jobs­Ar­beitsplätzen.

Land­strasse 30 
9494 Schaan
Fürstentum Liech­tens­tein

T +423 235 04 55
F +423 235 04 51


Inde­pen­dent Fund Mana­ge­ment AG

IFM Inde­pen­dent Fund Mana­ge­ment AG was incor­po­rated in 1996 as Liech­tens­tein's first bank-inde­pen­dent mana­ge­ment com­pany. It pro­vides finan­cial inter­me­dia­ries with a neu­tral plat­form for the crea­tion, mana­ge­ment, and ongoing admi­nis­tra­tion of invest­ment funds domi­ciled in Liech­tens­tein.

Austrasse 9 
9490 Vaduz 
Fürstentum Liech­tens­tein

T +423 235 04 50 
F +423 235 04 51


Vermögens­ver­wal­tung AG

Prin­cipal Asset Mana­ge­ment AG was founded in 1989 in Vaduz. As an asset mana­ge­ment bou­tique, the Prin­cipal Group offers its long-term inter­na­tional clientèle indi­vi­dual tailor-made asset mana­ge­ment, con­sul­ting and family office ser­vices.

Austrasse 9 
Post­fach 1121 
9490 Vaduz 
Fürstentum Liech­tens­tein

T +423 235 04 40 
F +423 235 04 41


Landstrasse 30   LI-9494 Schaan
T +423 235 04 55    F +423 235 04 51